Business-park “Aksay”

Business-park “Aksay” (Rostov Region)

The advanced project of the “AITAX” Group is development of the plot with total area of 81,7 ha situated to the south of Rostov-on-Don and to the east of Bataysk. Marketing research made by companies Collier’s International, John Lang La’Salle and Tebodin indicate that the territory can be used as the basis for the industrial park as well as for multi-use complex including different types of commercial real estate. Development of the territory can be held as well as in the direction of Among the advantageous factors which were pointed out in the research are as follows. Availability of sufficient human resources of any qualification (the site is in the vehicle access from Rostov-on-Don, Bataysk and Aksay with the total population over 1,3 mln. people). The site borders with federally important highway «Don» (M4). Within a distance of 10 km there are ports that are capable of receiving river-marine vessel, and powerful railway junction. Currently has been worked out the masterplan of the site, has been changed to the “lands used for industry, transport, communications, radio broadcasting, television, information technology, the support of space activities, power engineering and other purposes” the land status, the process of receiving specifications for connection with general utilities is in progress.