Business-park “Parnas” (Leningrad Region)

Business-park “Parnas” (Leningrad Region)

The aim of the project is development of the site (total area of ​​49 ha), located in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region. The object is situated on the inside of the Ring Motorway (KAD), which goes along the border of the territory beside one of the largest residential development areas at the north-end of Saint-Petersburg. It has very good transport communication and reserve of vacant territory for the industrial development within the boundaries of the plot.

Currently the company’s plan is to build and sell (or lease out with the generation of cash flow) commercial buildings and plots in the mixed-use complex. The complex will include sales area, auto dealers’ area and industrial park. Total area of the complex will be 475000 sq.m, retail floor area – 100000 sq.m. The architect of the project is Chapman Taylor España, international company successfully presented on the market since 1959.

Development of the project is based on the “Sustainable Real Estate” conception which presupposes construction of next-generation: presence of improved approach tracks, transport junctions, improvement of the surrounding areas, use of regenerative power sources, energy-saving construction, efficient space application.

In order to find the right expression of these ideas many factors are taken into consideration: traffic and people flow inside the business-park, natural illumination of the buildings in different seasons, qualitative composition of plants etc. Comprehensive review of all the factors will enable to create an urban object of highest standard.

Approximate due for completion is 2018.