One-of-a-kind Automated Archives and Logistics Center (ALC) for “Sberbank”

One-of-a-kind Automated Archives and Logistics Center (ALC) for “Sberbank” (Moscow Region)

In 2010 “Sberbank” (the largest credit institution in Russia and CIS) got possession of the “A” class warehouse with the total area of 53 726,7 sq.m on the territory of the Industrial District “Logistics Park “Techno-Logistical Complex “Tomilino”. That decision about the basis for the implement of the archives and logistics center was substandard but very logical. Ready-to-use store building with very good location (behind Moscow loop highway (MKAD), but within striking distance) made it possible to optimize the costs and to hasten the project implementation.

In April 2010 “Sberbank” invited tenders for the development of the complex of the engineering and technical systems of the incorporated archives and logistics center. The “AITAX-Development” Co. Ltd. became the winner of the tender due to the most appropriate technical and economical solution.

The success of the conception submitted by the “AITAX-Development” was based on the deep understanding of the customer’s demands and on the long-term experience of the “AITAX Group” in the commercial and industrial property development field.

The submitted project met all technical requirements of the customer as well as enclosed a number of the technical and executive solutions, which helped to leave behind the competitors:

  • Ultra-dense storage – application of narrow-aisle technology in combination with the special construction of the storage location has allowed to gain coefficient of fullness 27% (twice as much as “standard technologies” of pallet and boxes storage).
  • Scalability of the automatic archive system (AAS) construction – the rack-construction and the conveying system of the AAS allow to increase the storage volume via extending of the storage racks in the other part of the building without expenses for the other AAS components.
  • Generality of the storage system – same mechanisms of the automated storage (ruck and conveyer systems, robot-sorters) work with the boxes of different sizes.
  • 100% automation of the storage – the storage and boxes’ transportation system is fully automatic, that allows to optimize the personnel costs.
  • Energy saving
    • In the absence of workplaces in the storage und conveyer area, there is no need for illumination, ventilation, plumbing and sewage system on the area of 11000 sq.m.
    • There is a special optimizer of the boxes’ arrangement on the rack system, built in the AAS, which reduces average work time of the electric operating mechanisms.
    • Application of the modern engineering solutions – energy efficient electric motors, chain connection of the conveyer sections, smooth-closing units – allows to decrease the AAS’ total power consumption, peak energy loads and full power of the energy-supplying equipment.
  • Innovative system of fire prevention «OxyReduct» – hermetization of the building and creation of oxygen-reduced to 15% atmosphere guarantee inability of paper and cardboard burning, as well documents cannot be spoiled by activated sprinkler system.

Basic parameters of the ALC:

  • Total area of the building section is 15332 sq.m
  • Section size of the building 140*90 m, height 12 m
  • Storage volume 2 016 000 boxes
  • Productivity of all operations – 31 997 boxes per day
  • Stuff – 130 people
  • The equipment is operated by the specialized software integrated with the accounting archival system of “Sberbank”

Implementation of the first phase of the project took less than nine months. During that period the part of the building (storage and office) was reconstructed, the equipment of the automatic storage was produced and installed. The opening ceremony took place on the 27th of December 2011.

The project execution gave the “AITAX Group” an option of gaining a new experience in implementation of complicated projects with the application of innovations. This experience will for sure be used in future. The universal technology for different storage conditions can be used in the logistics complexes, distribution centers, industrial warehouses, archives, libraries, airports etc. Spheres of application can also be different: retail, electronics, engineering, chemical industry, medicine, pharmacology, aviation and so on.