Multipurpose center – Industrial District “Logistics Park “Techno-Logistical Complex “Tomilino”

Multipurpose center – Industrial District “Logistics Park “Techno-Logistical Complex “Tomilino” /140 ha/ (Moscow Region)

One of our most large-scale projects is development of the Industrial district “Logistics Park “Techno-Logistical Complex “Tomilino” in Moscow Region. Advance preparation and project implementation have started in 2001 when the board of directors had come to a decision about functional conversion of the territory. One of the promising options for the territory became the project of modern multipurpose logistics park, which combined logistical center with an industrial ground, well-developed power, transport and service infrastructure on the total area of 140 ha.

One-of-a-kind Automated Archives and Logistics Center (ALC) for “Sberbank”

One-of-a-kind Automated Archives and Logistics Center (ALC) for “Sberbank” (Moscow Region)

In 2010 “Sberbank” (the largest credit institution in Russia and CIS) got possession of the “A” class warehouse with the total area of 53 726,7 sq.m on the territory of the Industrial District “Logistics Park “Techno-Logistical Complex “Tomilino”. That decision about the basis for the implement of the archives and logistics center was substandard but very logical.

Business-park “Parnas” (Leningrad Region)

Business-park “Parnas” (Leningrad Region)

The aim of the project is development of the site (total area of ​​49 ha), located in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region. The object is situated on the inside of the Ring Motorway (KAD), which goes along the border of the territory beside one of the largest residential development areas at the north-end of Saint-Petersburg. It has very good transport communication and reserve of vacant territory for the industrial development within the boundaries of the plot.

Business-park “Aksay”

Business-park “Aksay” (Rostov Region)

The advanced project of the “AITAX” Group is development of the plot with total area of 81,7 ha situated to the south of Rostov-on-Don and to the east of Bataysk. Marketing research made by companies Collier’s International, John Lang La’Salle and Tebodin indicate that the territory can be used as the basis for the industrial park as well as for multi-use complex including different types of commercial real estate.